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My life was really happy in 2022. Even though one person I love has deceased (My Mom), I learned to enjoy and practice the power of living more than ever before. Just by realizing I only have now.


We are just living in what we are calling NOW. I’m celebrating NOW as my unique measurement system and inviting you TO DO the SAME. 

All the ”problems” arose from life domains were seen as an opportunity to rejoice, to live in the present moment while nurturing my true self and finding my inner peace.


2022 and My Pursuit of Happiness 🙂

I started with a big ambition to build something until I realized I needed to rebuild myself. I wanted to start rebuilding myself because I wasn’t happy with my life and impact, and yes, time is our enemy when we exist. I ceased to exist when I also decided to live and celebrate my daily life. Last May, I decided to take this journey and come to the US. 


I am running and, optimizing, nurturing.

Since my journey started around running, I became a running McMillan Coach and wanted to help people adopt this lifestyle because I still and truly believe running can change lives. For example, you can eat more consciously when you feel the adaptions, super compensations, and feedback from your body when you are practicing sports. I’m sure you’ll want to keep that updated version of yourself and go even further.

Another example is: You’ll automatically make better macronutrient choices. What we eat, food significantly affects how we feel and how our bodies function. Eating a variety of whole, unprocessed foods and limiting unhealthy choices like sugary drinks and fast food is essential. Eating various fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is crucial as limiting unhealthy choices like processed foods and sugary drinks.


Plan to succeed. Put your whole body into it.

One easy way to ensure you’re eating well is to plan. I take some time to plan out my meals for the week and make a grocery list. This can also help you make healthier choices and avoid last-minute takeout or fast food to sustain that happy macro life. The belly and other body systems, microbiome, and brain… will thank you. You will thank You.

Remember: Moving our bodies is essential for so many reasons. It helps us stay strong and fit, boosts our mood and energy levels, and even helps us sleep better. The key is to find physical activities that you enjoy and that fit into your schedule. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise every day – even walking or cycling can make a big difference.


My beloved mother was questioning all the time she would have seen me preparing to go for a run, and she was saying: Why are you still running, son? Is it a good idea for your health with so much running? I still don’t know why exactly, but I’m still running. Indeed, not from my true self. Not anymore. Once I saw the benefits never stopped practicing sports. Running is my power sport. What is yours?


Summer of reflection

Later in the summer, I realized that my life wasn’t at the level of happiness I’d expected. Was my impact not even observed? Perhaps I don’t fit or belong here within this community. Indeed, if you don’t adapt or adopt, you’ll have to clear the premises sooner or later.

I concluded that you could not have a clear direction without a laser focus and awareness. While realizing this, I knew immediately that I could not separate the body from the mind to address the most craved ingredient – A Happy Life. My breakthrough was that a happy life doesn’t come from a relationship, it doesn’t come from a job, it comes from simply deciding to be satisfied, starting now.

A happy life It’s like beauty – It starts from within, from your mindset.


Autumn of Awareness, Intent, and Transformation

Summers are not for pussies. Everything is created and started with just a spark. My spark was when I met an unhappy Uber taxi driver. After the ride, I invited him to a coffee. While we were listening to each other’s life stories, he confessed that his stories were sad – 3 of his family members hung themselves, and he was afraid he was next. He still is (I guess) almost convinced he is not going to cheat death differently, and he couldn’t calibrate, rejoice.

While listening to this guy and his misery and inviting him to live his happy life – I realized he was too scared to join his quest. That man, Marcos, gave me hope when he was the one who needed it the most!

At that moment, I realized that we are not only supposed to do good because we are afraid that Karma will catch up with us, but we must do good because it is the right thing to do.


Future Commitments

The spark was that I realized, starting that evening, that my mission is to serve, not to be a people pleaser. That’s how I came up with the Omni Nurture Self’s mission. The mission to serve people.

A few months later, I had a clear sense of purpose and action because everything started with awareness – I was aware of just existing. I live a happy life because I know what ingredients to choose from. I constantly work on my determination and my mission. And my mission is to empower people, to serve them in such a way that they will create what they are dreaming of, what’s necessary for them to consider A HAPPY, DAILY BALANCED LIFE.


The bottom line with 2022

Everything went straight up because I didn’t carry any more ”secret missions for myself”. I didn’t care to please people, to own more things. I cared about time, relationships, energy, work, and love. And I’m still managing. I realize we are here to serve, not to please.

For 2023, I want to be aware and anchored in the power of now while nurturing myself, my tribe, and my clients.

I want to thank all the people around me. They helped me become who I am today. I’m proud of everyone I know and am still eager to aspire, fail, and succeed. Yes! Failure has unlimited potential to help us grow.

Special thanks go to my family, my business partner and good friend (Ting), and my friends (George, Marco, Daniel, Jason, and Marian); you make my days brighter.

Omni Nurture Self will be here waiting for hungry souls like you. Don’t hesitate to Nurture Your Self and all People Around You. Start Now – Schedule Your Complimentary Session (Don’t wait for Mondays or another New Year).


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PS: 2023 is already here, and we wish you a Happy New Year! Make it count for yourself first, be a blessing to your tribe!


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