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runnning across america
Where it all Started

Our Heritage

In the summer of 2020, I was sitting on a flat, sandy surface in Mamaia, Romania, where our narrative started. I realized at this point that life offers the chance to create distinctive experiences and positively impact people’s lives daily. I told myself: “I’ll start running — for my health and wellbeing. However, I’ll no longer run from myself. I’ll accept who I am and take the steps necessary to become my best self. I’ll commit the rest of my life to help others by offering my best gift: my time and energy.” At this moment, I clarified my “Ikigai” —  my life purpose.

I created the opportunity to engage in a lot of introspection and studying during the next two years. If I sincerely intended to embark on this journey, I decided I needed to develop essential habits contributing to a balanced life. I started forming routines like cooking and exercising regularly. Running gives me energy and helps me stay focused on my goals by keeping my body and mind in sync. Keeping track of my progress ensures I reach my goals by acknowledging where and who I am today.

I moved to the United States and launched this Omni Nurture Self initiative to dedicate myself to my mission fully. The chief aim of the business is to help you nurture yourself so that you stimulate a happier, more abundant life and be a benefit to everyone around you.

We Will Continue

Our Mission

We love listening to people. Active listening enhances our ability to make an impact in our life. Our strategy provides a straightforward, practical framework for reaching objectives and decluttering key domains while maintaining a harmonious and conscious existence that reflects who you are.


We are people-oriented here – We nurture aspects of humanity, education, and health & wellness of everyone we connect with, from clients to partners in person or online. Anytime. Intrepidly


We utilize an unconventional model that prioritizes ethical coaching to encourage a professional, human-to-human attitude.


We like to say that we’re not people-pleasers. That’s why our employees are our partners. They are also dedicated to making commitments that inspire their health, happiness, and success to foster an environment where everyone is welcome to lead a fulfilling life.

running across america
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Omni Nurture Self
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